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Privacy Policy

We collect information regarding applicants who wish to procure insurance through our carriers. The information we collect is required by the insurance carriers in order for them to ascertain whether they wish to offer contracts of insurance to these applicants, and if so, under what terms, conditions, exclusions, and pricing. We do not maintain permanent records on those applicants who do not ultimately purchase such contracts. We maintain long term records on those who do purchase insurance as required by law.

We may share this information with insurance carriers, claims adjusters, our own liability insurer, auditors, attorneys representing the insured, insurer, or claimant, as well as legal representatives of the foregoing. We do not distribute, disseminate, make available for purchase, or otherwise disclose confidential information to any party who does not have a legitimate interest in it. We are not liable for any illegal act of a third party used to gain unauthorized access to this information. Furthermore, we use e-mail as a means of communication in the normal conduct of our business and do not warrant or guarantee the use of encryption, firewalls, or other means of safeguarding these communications. Our clients must assume the risk of unauthorized persons gaining access to them if they wish to communicate through these channels. Any use of “Cookies” is solely at the discretion of our web host, and they are not stored on your computer after you leave our site, nor are they stored on your hard drive.

We do not share information about any insurance agent we do business with unless given express permission by them to do so, unless such request comes from a law enforcement agency, insurance department, court, executive branch, administrative hearing, or insurer we represent.

Links to other web sites appearing on our site will take you to sites with whom we are not affiliated We are not responsible for the content contained in these sites, nor the practices or policies of the companies who own, host, or operate them. Our privacy policy applies only within our site.