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Environmental Liability

Protecting the environment is not only a social responsibility, it’s the law. With the maturation of Environmental Liability Insurance, the means of protecting your clients have never been greater.This important coverage is more than just a way to increase sales; it is a key element in reducing your E&O exposure.

Access E&S represents several “A” rated carriers that offer a variety of environmental coverage options, including, but not limited to the following:

Site Specific Liability

Site-specific liability coverage is for specified locations that may be involved in the handling of hazardous materials, or may have had such exposure in the past, including the presence of underground or above ground storage tanks. This coverage is also a typical requirement in certain real estate transactions.

Contractors Pollution Liability

For contractors who are engaged in environmental remediation, or who have an exposure from activities such as digging or crane operations. Abatement contractors are eligible for several programs we represent. Certain risks may also qualify for primary automobile liability coverage from the same carrier. Coverage is often combined with a professional liability component. This product fills gaps in the Commercial General Liability policy, but does not take its place.

Environmental Professional Liability

Errors and Omissions coverage is available for a wide array of environmental consultants, testing labs, and assessment professionals. Geotechnical engineers and environmental products design professionals are also prime candidates for this coverage. Policies are written on a claims-made basis. “Prior Acts” and Contingent bodily injury provisions are extremely important considerations when choosing the best policy, and we endeavor to always provide you with the broadest choice of coverage options. Lastly, Excess limits are available on a case-by-case basis.

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