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Liquor Liability

Entities that serve liquor as a routine part of their business and those who serve it occasionally have a liquor liability exposure. Each state has different laws relative to liquor liability, but in these litigious times it’s safe to say that if the server of alcoholic beverages can in any way be brought into a lawsuit, they will be. If there is any question as to whether a firm has a liquor liability exposure, the chances are that they probably do.

For accounts that do not sell alcohol it‘s important to make sure they carry Host Liquor Liability coverage for any incidental exposure they might have, such as a holiday party where alcohol is served. Furthermore, Host Liquor claims may be denied if the insured is deemed to have sold alcoholic beverages. This can be a gray area and agents need to determine the exact nature of their clients’ liquor exposure.

The bottom line on Liquor Liability is that, due to the nature of most liquor liability claims, it is better to be insured than uninsured for this exposure.


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