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Contractors Today Are Increasingly at Risk for Liability Beyond Their Own Work!

Lawsuits Not Covered by General LiabilityMore than ever, your contractor customers are at risk for more claims and larger claims, as well.  In addition to performing work, contractors often give advice regarding design and engineering.  This one-stop-shop approach increases a contractor’s legal liabilities.

Which Clients Need Contractors Professional Liability?

General Contractors, Design/Build Contractors and Artisan Contractors that perform the following:

  • Construction services
  • Install products
  • Provide design
  • Subcontract services for design
  • Provide value engineering services
  • Need coverage for mold, asbestos, etc. risk

How Will General and Artisan Contractors Be Covered with a Professional Liability Policy?

The coverage options include professional liability, errors and omissions, project policies, and pollution liability. Depending on which market your client is in, they may choose coverage for:

  • Rectification
  • In-house design or subcontracted design
  • Agency and at-risk construction management
  • Joint ventures with design firms
  • Negligent design errors or omissions by contractor or subcontractor
  • Defective materials or products
  • Pollution claims
  • Mold, Asbestos, respirable dust, or silica

What Can You Do?

Before you talk to your clients about Contractors Professional Liability Insurance, prepare some conversation topics that include:

  • Commonly overlooked risks
  • Examples of claims that have been brought against other contractors
  • The extended reality of their legal liability
  • Limitations of traditional coverage
  • Benefits of expanded coverage

Next Steps…

Access E&S can assist you with finding the right Contractors Professional Liability Insurance coverage for your clients.  Contact Us Today!

Download: Contractors Professional Liability